Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last

Traditional pine wood bowl 

Traditional wood bowl, handmade in northen Portugal. This wood bowl know as ‘gamela’ it’s an ancient object that has its root in the area of Barcelos, north of Portugal. In this particular village, Palme, where many families used to make these bowls, the main use for it was the proving of home baked cornbread, prepared traditionally by women.

Handmade in Barcelos.

bowl 1 - 34 x 31 x 13 cm (aprox.)
bowl 2 - 31 x 29 x 12 cm (aprox.)

The bowl should be brushed after each use. If you wash it, don’t submerge it in water and use only tepid water. It should air dry, facing down. The wood can be protected with a mineral oil, proper for food use.

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