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︎ When you make a purchase from Mariamélia you're supporting local small-scale manufacturers and artisans to keep their trade alive and relevant. 
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︎ Each order is shipped using reused cardboard packaging, recycled paper and corrugated cardboard, using as little plastic as possible.


From the kitchen table to your living room table, there are the baskets we use to ferment or serve the bread. Totally handmade in Portugal, these are the only bannetons manufactured 100% locally, lined with linen fabric, and produced in small batches.

Round Banneton
since €26

Oval Banneton
since €28

Long Oval Banneton

Artisanal Kitchen Brush

Wicker Bread Basket

Baker’s Kit ‘Fermento’

Baker’s Kit ‘Padeirinha’
Round Banneton + extra liner

Oval Banneton + extra liner

Traditional Wood Bowl
available soon

The enamel lampshades are made in a small workshop in the north of Portugal,
the only one currently to maintain an artisanal enameling process. The sheet steel base is also produced locally and free of
toxic components like carbon. Each lamp is cutom-made to order in a range of 25 different colors.


Custom Plate Lampshade

Custom Plate Lampshade w/ speckled effect


Red Brim Plate Lampshade

Blue Brim Plate Lampshade

Mustard Plate Lampshade

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