Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last


Because I work closely with artisans and artisans, I offer different services that value the promotion of the technical and creative potential of small-scale manufacturing in Portugal.


I'm available to mediate or participate in the development of products, in collaboration with the craftsmen and designers with whom I regularly collaborate.

In cooperation with local and national platforms that aggregate local artisans, I can find solutions to specific challenges of artisanal and semi-industrial small-scale production, always giving preference to the use of local raw materials, as an objective of environmental sustainability. The use of natural and/or non-toxic materials is essential for Mariamélia. The appreciation of working conditions and fair payments for manufacturers will always be ensured in this process in a transparent and proven manner.


Mariamélia's collection includes several traditional handcrafted pieces, which can be ordered throughout the year. All the items will depend on the production availability from their manufacturers. Both the production deadlines and the minimum quantities for each order will be different for each product.


In the near future, I’ll be organizing guided tours for small groups who wish to see in loco the work carried out in some of these workshops. This activity is aimed at designers and other creative professionals who want to get to know the technological possibilities of each workshop/factory in order to apply them in their work. These visits can be complemented with visits to markets/fairs/exhibitions and local restaurants, providing an informed and holistic cultural tourism experience.


As an instigator of dialogue between designers, artisans, makers, small producers and other creatives and social agents, I'm apt to create written content in these areas for clients or institutions interested in these matters. Having built a network of artisans, designers and creatives based in Porto in recent years, I have the knowledge and the research capacity to create copy for emerging brands and other projects in the area of artisanal production.

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