Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last

Baker’s kit ‘Padeirinha’

An exquisite Baker's Kit that includes:

︎︎︎ 1 wicker banneton. You can choose either a round or an oval banneton.

Heavy-duty wicker proving basket, linen-lined. Lining fabric is 100% linen fabric, with elastic. Capacity up to 800 gr of dough (small size). All materials are sourced locally in Portugal and every item is carefully handmade in small-scale batches.

︎︎︎ 1 kitchen apron in a linen/cotton blend fabric with twill ribbons. Two large pockets at each side. Size is universal, fits from a petite to a tall person. Side ribbons can be tied at the back or front. It’s totally handmade in Portugal, in a seamstress workshop.

length 70 cm / 27.5"
width 66 cm / 26"
neck ribbon 48 cm / 18.9"
side ribbons lenght 78 cm / 30.7"

This kit is gift-wrapped. A personal message may be included if you wish. Just send us the message in your order Notes.

Basket is handmade by Manuel Oliveira, in Braga. Lining is sew by Fernanda Almeida, in Matosinhos, Porto.

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