Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last

From the kitchen table to your living room table, there are the baskets we use to ferment or serve the bread. Totally handmade in Portugal, these are the only bannetons manufactured 100% locally, lined with linen fabric, and produced in small batches.

The enamel lampshades are made in a small workshop in the north of Portugal,
the only one currently to maintain an artisanal enameling process. The sheet steel base is also produced locally and free of
toxic components like carbon. Each lamp is cutom-made to order in a range of 25 different colors.


Home at last. To live the precious time of rest, idleness, and procrastination, in the comfort of your home. We have put together a set of unique pieces to make being at home an essential pleasure.

The days spent outside are the days devoted to watering the plants and taking care of the garden, to be one with nature. The time to have the time for everything, even to do nothing at all.

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