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25 unique colors

Because every lamp is made to order it can be enameled in 25 different colors. Between the main color, the brim, and the speckled effect, the color combos are mostly infinite. You can ask for pictures of our custom lamps and enamel color samples, order enamel samples, as well as ask for a digital sketch of our lampshades to test-out different color combos.

︎Click on any color to learn more about it and check the lamps in that color.


The color correspondences
in these pages have illustrative purposes only, in order to inform the client about the closest color tone of the real enamel color. Enamel is a vitric material, subjected to high temperatures (850ºC) that can inffluence each shade outcome.

The names of the colors are also merely illustrative. These correspondences are naturally limited, therefore they cannot substitute the acquisition of physical enamel samples.

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