Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last

Pink straw cake basket

Round straw basket with handles, intended for transporting cakes and pies for picnics. It’s handmade in a traditional technique that consists of braiding strands of rye straw. Some of these strands are tinted so it gets different tones that range from purple to bright pink.
Handmade in northern Portugal.

Handmade by Maria Nogueira in Fafe.

interior: Ø 31 x 12 cm approx.
exterior: Ø 32 x 17 cm approx.
lid: Ø 32 x 7 cm aprox.
handles: 47 cm length

Notice that all measurements are approximate. Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, dimensions may vary slightly for each basket.

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