Manufaturing in Portugal: local handmade homeware to last

Filipa Cruz

© Matilde Viegas

I have worked regularly with a small network of artisans and small-scale manufacturers in developing original products and curating traditional artisanal pieces, sourced mainly from the North Coast of Portugal.

Mariamélia is a one-woman-show: I run all operations in this project. I collaborate with artists and friends and have built solid trustee relationships with the artisans and manufacturers that work with me. I’m also responsible for the graphic design and website as well as all the brand’s communication.

I’m from Porto, Portugal. I have been working in graphic and product design since 2011, ranging from editorial design for books and brochures to pattern design for socks. This miscellaneous work experience has provided me the necessary curiosity to produce, promote, and sell my products since 2018.

All texts on this website are mine, as well as the monthly newsletter and social media contents. The pictures are from Matilde Viegas (except when stated).

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